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UpLevel controls

Electronic level controls

Electromechanical level controls

UpIndustrial pressure controls

Pressure switches, vacuum pressure switches and hydrostats

UpIndustrial Thermostats

Encased thermostat

Capillary thermostats

UpTemperature and humidity controls

Room thermostats


Wireless multi-zone radiators management


Components for radiators systems

Components for radiant panel systems


UpClimatic and remote thermoregulation systems

Control unit for thermal solar panel systems and solar cooling

Electronic controllers for boilers

Electric servocontrols

Mixing and motorized valves

Telecontrol Systems

Temperature probes

UpWater metering system

Wireless water metering systems

Wired water metering systems

volumetric meters and hydraulic modules

UpFlow Controls

Flussostati per aria

Flussostati per liquidi

UpSolenoid Valves

Valvole a solenoide dirette

Valvole a solenoide indirette servoassistite

Bobine di comando

UpHome automation systems

MiA - Automation system

Automation for sunblinds and roller shutters

UpGas Detectors

Gas detectors - industrial line

Gas detectors - domestic line

Gas valves

Probes and accessories

UpBrochures and catalgoues


UpFaced out products

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