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The company mission is to meet the customers' needs along the chain of value, from electric and thermohydraulic distributors to installers, from engineers and designers to the final user. To pursue this simple but ambitious goal, Fantini Cosmi invests its efforts and resources to constantly renew the range of products and ensure the service punctuality and efficiency. Fantini Cosmi catalogue changes continuously both because it introduces new products in the existing range of goods and includes new commodities which the Company does not traditionally cover.


The development of a new product represents a critical moment: the whole organization is involved in the first stage of the process, so that it is possible to take inspiration from every person's contribution. From the identification of a need, the resulting product is then conceived thanks to the professionalism and expertise of our engineers, who can count on the best design software and a test room equipped with modern technologies. Here research takes shape with the creation of prototypes, the implementation of tests to make sure that the strictest international standards are met. Last but not least, fatigue tests are carried out to operate Fantini Cosmi systems until they are destroyed. Only this way we are sure that the designers' intuition, the selection of materials and the processing accuracy have produced safe and reliable machinery.


In addition to functionality and safety, the engineering stage is taking the aesthetic part more and more into consideration. Design is an essential principle of every new product of Fantini Cosmi civil line in order to become an elegant and refined element of decoration.


In 1997 Fantini Cosmi obtained the lSO9001 quality certification and in 2002 the declaration of conformity with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 (Vision) regulation. This prestigious international acknowledgement does not only qualify Fantini Cosmi products and services, but also the whole company activity, its organization model and process. This certification witnesses the constant effort to monitor and improve the company management model to ensure a high-quality supply.

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