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A bit of history


The origins

Fantini Cosmi's history passes through three quarters of a century, from Fascism to the Second World War, from the "years of lead" to the rebirth of the Eighties up to present days. The company history is interwoven with that of the Fantini family who, in 1931, founded the "Società anonima officine Alberto Fantini & C" in Milan. The very first products were industrial handling and cut-off electric machinery, but soon in addition to contactors, thermostats started to be produced to meet the customers' requests.

A story of determination

In 1940 the corporate name changes to Fantini Cosmi SA and the production is mainly based on low voltage handling and automatic adjustment machinery. During the Second World War the factory in Milan is bombed and manufacturing is moved to Soresina, a small town 50 Km from Milan. After a fire, in 1954, the company goes back to Milan and benefits from a period of growth thanks to the economic boom of those years.

The feather in the cap

Despite the union demands and the social problems of the Eighties, Fantini Cosmi overcomes the crisis by focusing on the development of new products and the improvement of the manufacturing process. As a result, Intellitherm C21, the first digital chrono-thermostat produced in Italy in 1985, becomes the market leader and establishes a turning point in the company engineering and market trend: since then more and more will be invested in electronics, focusing all business efforts on wholesalers and adopting a more aware marketing approach.


In 1992 the Company moves to Caleppio di Settala, 15 Km from Milan, setting up a modern and functional plant and test laboratories. The unremitting commitment to pursue total quality as a primary strategic goal allows the company to obtain, first in 1997 and then in 2002, the UNI EN ISO certification. In April 2007 Fantini Cosmi acquires Aspira S.r.l., a company which for over 70 years has worked in the civil and industrial ventilation sector. This way the Fantini Cosmi Industry Group is set up including historical and prestigious brands, such as Fantini Cosmi, Aspira and Fancos, thus ensuring a widespread and diversified presence on the electric and hydrothermosanitary market. Fancos S.p.A., born in 1952, is also part of the group. This is a brand known in Italy for the distribution of automation and remote control systems, network electric safety equipment, components for control panels and testers for electric safety checks.

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