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An almost-80-year-old girl

Fantini Cosmi S.p.A., founded by the Fantini family in 1931, is today one of the main companies manufacturing electric and electronic control and adjustment systems. Nonetheless, it still maintains its nature of quick and dynamic family-run company, capable of catching the market inputs.

Born with the production of industrial handling electric machinery, Fantini Cosmi has subsequently developed specific skills in different fields: pressure, flow and level control devices up to remote temperature adjustment, civil automation and climate control systems.

Throughout its long history, Fantini Cosmi has combined traditional mechanical technologies with electronics, thus designing more and more precise and sophisticated equipment. More recently, it has been able to seize the opportunities offered by mobile telephones and the Internet.

The range of products is in constant evolution and expansion to better meet companies’ requirements as well as families’ needs of comfort, energy saving and user’s friendliness.

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